If you fail to plan,
you are planning to fail.

Benjamin Franklin


Multiple associates collaborate as a team whether we are building a wealth management plan, managing investment assets, or helping discover solutions to specific challenges.  Our team-based approach benefits our clients by providing more eyes-on and highly creative solutions.  With over 30 years of collective experience in the financial services industry, we are well prepared to guide clients towards their goals and dreams.  Additionally, we encourage our clients to allow us to collaborate with their other financial professionals to ensure solutions are holistic, not stove-piped.


We’ve developed a proven Wealth Management Planning Process that is centered on your goals, grounded by your realities, and driven by your dreams.  Our financial planning professionals work together as a team taking the time to help you fully understand the challenges, opportunities, and options before you.  We begin with as many exploratory meetings as it takes to make sure we are a good fit for each other.  Your wealth management plan will be developed through collaborative strategy meetings and presented through sophisticated software that keeps your plan live and updated daily.  We finalize the process by providing an Executive Summary of your plan with definitive recommendations and a clear list of action items needed to implement your strategy.


Implementation is critical and we genuinely want to see you succeed.  We follow up on a regular basis beginning with a 60 day follow up.  We continue to follow up providing help and guidance with plan execution for as long as you want us as a resource to you.  Your Wealth Management Plan remains active and accessible.  If life hands you a lemon, you won’t have to start at the beginning!  We can easily go back to the drawing board and adjust your strategy, helping you get back on track quicker.


We take our Fiduciary responsibilities seriously.  Extensive efforts are expended on due-diligence and researching every detail of the investments we use.  We do not recommend investments or strategies that we would not recommend to our families or invest our own money in.  We believe diversification alone does not minimize correlation, which is critical for reducing volatility.  Inexpensive portfolios are frequently offered in the industry but are cookie-cutter solutions, putting your assets on auto-pilot.  Our models are built in-house, verified through third parties, and are responsive to current and future economic conditions.  We ALWAYS know why a position is in your account and what its purpose is.


We manage accounts with discretion, which means clients formally give us permission to adjust their investments as needed.  This allows us to help mitigate risks and take advantage of potential opportunities in a timely manner, so every client is treated equally. Authentic trust is inseparable with this operating method, and is not assumed, but rather built intentionally over time by working to gain and maintain your trust throughout the relationship.  We use a flat-fee for advisory assets under management, that is easy to understand and is transparent, so you are not left wondering where did “that” come from.  We want you to succeed, but also to feel EMPOWERED to make the best decisions you can for you and your family.

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